Fire Commander

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See what it means to face the fire. Command a firefighting unit in an exciting tactical RTS.
Save lives and care for your team in 30+ missions. Be a real hero!

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Available on steam
How would it feel to become a firefighter?
Facing the fire and saving people day by day?
Now you have the chance to experience it!

About the Game

Fire Commander is a real time tactical game where you lead the most daring firefighting and rescue operations.

Lead the Most Daring Rescues

Suit up and become the leader of a firefighting unit. Go into inferno to save as many lives as you can. Fight an enemy that you can’t kill or outpower, only outsmart.

Stand Behind Your People's Back

Remember that being a firefighter is not just about achieving your goal. The firefighters will bond with each other and yourself. Your decisions will impact their lives.


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